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Be The Difference!

'Sustainability' - you have probably heard a lot about this word recently, which is a great thing!

Thanks to 'Our Blue Planet' and 'Sky Ocean Rescue' for example, we are more aware than ever before of the effect our actions are having on the planet.

There are many ways we can reduce our impact.

Remember the 4 R's

The Four 'R's

More on Clothes...

Did you know that in the UK we sent 300’000 tonnes of clothes to landfill in 2016?

The rise of fast fashion has led us to buy and bin more clothes than ever before.

Try to buy less, better quality products that will last, and ask yourself if you really need what you are about to purchase.

Remember that the clothing / textile industry is the biggest pollutant after the oil industry!

Buying second hand from sites like DePop and Asos Marketplace are great. Or buying clothes made from sustainable or recycled materials is an amazing way to make a difference.

Our Favourtie Sustainable Brands!


- Surfers Against Sewage

sell a whole range of eco items from bees wax wraps (a reusable cling film alternative) to wash bags made from old bouncy castles!! 


- Fall Bay Designs 

Handmade bikinis made from recycled single use plastic! Carys Griffiths is based in South Wales and hand sews all products using a zero waste technique. All styles are based on her own photography and paintings! Truly unique.


- Raw Flora 

Alexandra hand sews all of her beautiful Yoga inspired attire in a small factory in South Devon using a range of organic, recycled and Oeko-tex standard 1000 materials - all from reputable and trusted sources. She also plants a tree for every order placed.  


- Sewn Again Kite Bags

These sturdy bags are made from the repurposed kites of 5x World Champion Aaron Hadlow - sewn by his Mum!

- Ivy Wild 

Festival goers take note!! We all know nothing says festival like covering yourself in glitter...however traditional glitter is literally just tiny bits of plastic! Ivy Wild supplies biodegradable glitter, so you can feel amazing with a clear conscience.

Inna Daze Clothing

Tara's creations are definitely worth checking out! Amber loves her commissioned two - pieces for aerial performances and festivals. She also has cool original printed t-shirts and cosy snoods on offer.




Anything you don't need!



Disposable cutlery:

-check out this alternative 2-in-1 set here

Takeaway packaging: 

- Ask companies to stop using sachets, or not to provide things like sauces in little plastic pots.

Excess packaging:

Tell suppliers if you think something is over packaged to put pressure on them to clean up their act!



When we spent 6 months on a remote Island in the Caribbean, we really noticed how little you need to survive, we think minimalism is the way forward!

Here is a really interesting article about overconsumption, which is a massive problem today. 


Animal Agriculture

We're not going to try and convert you all to Vegans, but it is a fact that the meat, dairy and egg industries have a devastating impact on our environment. By reducing your consumption even a little bit you really are making a difference. 

Cowspiracy is a documentary that is well worth a watch about these issues.

Palm Oil

is an ingredient in thousands of products we use every day.

This short video explains how about it's detrimental effects and this article explains more about making more informed choices.

Be Mindful of Purchases you do make, more about this below...


Reuse / Repurpose

You can reuse pretty much everything!

The Zero Waste movement is something we are very interested in, here is their ultimate list of swaps.

There are a number of bulk zero waste shops popping up all over Devon and Cornwall which sell a range of dried goods from herbs to pasta, bring your own containers to save money while saving the planet! 

See a list of these amazing shops below...

Refill, Bude

Nourish of Topsham

The Real Food Store, Exeter

FillFull, Ottery Saint Mary


Zero Waste Shop, Totnes 


There is a great saying

'One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure!'


Try to give items away to people who would make use of them, ie. clothes banks or charity shops - rather than sending them to landfill.



When you have tried everything else, it's time for the final 'R'

Try to recycle everything you possibly can, and avoid buying products that are not recyclable wherever possible. 

It is essential you familiarise yourself with what can and can't be recycled, to avoid your recycling being rejected and sent to landfill. 


'Which?' have written a very informative article, check it out here. Also remember to double check what is / is not accepted with your local council.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

This is something we are really passionate about at Venturi Watersports.

We want to help to raise awareness and to make a difference.

We know it isn't easy and doesn't happen overnight, but little changes go a long way!


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