Join Amber at The Yoga Studio Bude 
(King's Hill Industrial Estate)

Mondays at 6pm

15 knots (moderate breeze)

A dynamic and energising class which synchronises breath and movement. Focuses on building strength, active flexibility and endurance, usually involving sun salutations, backbends and inversions.

For those who want a challange!

Mondays at 7.15pm

7 knots (light breeze)

A slower paced, soothing session concentrating on relieving tension, mobilising the joints and increasing range of motion by holding poses for longer and working into the connective tissues.

Amber completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 with the amazing Peter Sterios after 5 years of practicing. She found Yoga to try to ease severe chronic back pain from her job as a Dental Hygienist - and not only did it help this, it also improved her posture, strength and overall mental and physical health.

She teaches a varied style of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga ensuring careful attention to the breath and alignment, tuning into the subtle movements in the body. Her classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, offering private or group sessions either individually or as part of a Venturi retreat.